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Game Jam 2022

Four mythical creatures for a weekend game jam! The concept was of a tamagotchi-type game taking place at a circus of mythical creatures. I chose a gryphon, a unicorn, a chimera, and (my favorite) a little loch ness monster.


I've broken down my process here with the gryphon.

First was the sketch. Then, my first draft of line art, and a fill of a bright color so I could check the animation in Unity before committing to a color palette.


Then came a color pass- as you can see the palette only changed a bit. Before finalizing the animations, I re-drew the lineart to better match the background artist who used a thicker brush.


Then I tossed all the key frames into Unity, and viola! A little animated creature.

Because the game jam was over a weekend, I kept the animation details very small. Each animal had 3 wag frames, usually of the tail moving, and 1 blink frame.

Frames breakdown.png
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